5 Apps Every Business Owner Must Have


  1. Canva – This app is the holy grail of branding (aka cool text, shapes you can add and tons of tools)! If you need any graphics or need to make anything this app is a game changer. Works for desktop and mobile!!! (did I mention this app is freeee) (ps the paid version is better)

2.) Unscripted – This does has a price tag but is worth every penny!!!! It is the Bible of photography education but can be used for marketing tip and even a sun tracker! This app has so much to offer, you can use the Guides, contracts, client management, and so much more. (You can still benefit from the free version but hey you have to spend money to make money)

3.) Planoly – Plan out what your feed looks like (you can also schedule content and stories, there is a paid and free version)

4.) SCRL – Ever wonder how people get the cool sliding posts? Well its this app! It allows you to make cool trendy instagram carousels!!! (ps this app is FREE)

5.) Moodboard – Put your visions all in one place. This app allows you to make aesthetic moodboards & helps creativity! (PS this app is also free)

6.) MileIQ – this app is wonderful! It tracks everywhere you go for tax right offs ($5.99 a month for the unlimited version)

  • Bonus: Meta Business suite *

(Okay I totally gave you more than five apps but I could talk apps all day!!!)

– All the love

Hailey High

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