3 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding


1.) Talk to your vendors about what parts of your day are the most important!

Of course everything on your wedding day is important but if there is a list of top moments or pictures that you want captured definitely communicate that to your bridal party as well as your photographer and or coordinator!

2.) Talk to you MOH about fluffing the dress once you get to the alter!

Discuss the game plan with your maid of honor (MOH) or whoever is standing next to you at the altar to, grab your bouquet Hand you a tissue, fix your veil and your dress if need be! (Standing next to the Bride it’s a super important job definitely discuss a game plan)!!!

3.) Create a box of all details pieces for photos!

This means anything sentimental all in one place so you can relax the day of! A day or two before the wedding I would include anything from your favorite perfume or movie ticket from your first date anything that you want! Preparing this before will make your life 10 times easier if you have it all in one place!

– All the love

Hailey Hig

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