What to talk to your officiant about!?


Working in the wedding industry I have learned a new things!! Sometimes people overlook the importance of speaking with your officiant before hand! BUT People talk to your officiant !!!! The officiant can make or break your ceremony photos!!!!! That being said talk to your officiant about…

1.) If he/she is going to ask everyone to rise before you walk down the aisle! Sometimes when you don’t discuss this people are awkwardly turning their backs and not standing as you’re walking down the aisle. This is some thing to talk about before hand!!!

2.) Talk about where your officiant will stand right before you kiss and right after (Will he blend in with the groomsmen or move to the bridesmaids side) I have a tendency of having the officiant move to where the groomsmen are to blend in with the guys more, but if you have a girl officiant I would have her move to the bridesmaid side!

3.) Ask if he/she can have everyone rise again before you kiss!! This avoids everyone awkwardly sitting as you guys are walking back down the aisle. This way he can announce you guys and everyone is cheering and watching you guys!!

4.) Discuss how and when you want him/her to make an announcement for family pictures! People need announcements for direction! Having the officiant take charge and direct people will make the timeline go by so much smoother.

I feel as though some of these important conversations are overlooked and can sometimes make or break your ceremony. You want to talk over every detail so they can be fully prepared!

– All the love

Hailey High

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