3 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day


1.) Not having a box of all your details prepared before hand
  • The last thing you want is to be all over the place stressed out trying to find little things on your wedding day preparing a box with all of the details the night before will minimize the stress that you have the day of. It’s also super efficient for the timeline just because the photographer can grab it and go.
2.) Take as many selfies and I phone pictures you want!!!
  • So many people think it’s TABOO when a photographer enters to put your phone away when in reality every small photo is a memory you can capture for the best day of your life! Any time you are feeling yourself snap a selfie no shame
3.) Talk boundaries with your people
  • yes this includes mom and your bridal party if you have a tendency to get overwhelmed communicate that toooo your people! If you need space, communicate!!! if you want all eyes on you tell us! This day is about you so everyone is here to help YOU!

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