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Sedona AZ 📍 

Sedona is breathing. There is also SO MUCH! SO let’s get into it!!!! I suggest going on the “Red Rock Western Jeep Tours” this tour allows you to cover so much ground in no time! The guides also help you understand the history and give you allllll the local secrets!!! Depending on what tour they may take you on “Soldiers pass” ( READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE )— this will also allow you to see “Devils kitchen,” “Seven Sacred Pools,” and so much more! The guide will take pictures of your group if you want! Soldiers pass is a HIKE so using a ATV or jeep tour will allow you to see so much!

— One place a jeep can’t take you is the Soldiers Pass Cave (pictured below)!!!! LOOK UP “Soldiers Pass Cave Spur Trail”  locals are touchy about this place so leave it where you found it! It also can get busy so go early! (Parking SUCKS) This hike is so breathtaking and beautiful you will not stop looking at the view! 

A hike I suggest is “Devils bridge” its an iconic staple of Sedona! If your scared of heights you may just want to sit this one out! As I have mentioned I am a foodie so “The vault” in Sedona offers an amazing experience! The food is great and the view is even better! After all your hiking you may want to drive for a view! Well “Chapel of the holy cross” is your place! (


-Chapel of the holy cross

-Devils bridge

-Soldiers Pass

-Seven Sacred Pools

-Devils kitchen

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