Little Things that Make a Big Difference on your Wedding Day


There are so many things to do & remember for your wedding day! Sometimes we can get caught up in all the big things that we forget the small moments! Here is some intimate gestures to completely up-level your day!!!

1.) Giving each other special gift!

This allows you to get the person something special not just for photo purposes but just a final I’m thinking about you or an “I love you’ token. It can be something as small as an engraved penny or as big as a new car. (Etsy is a great place to find fun and different gift ideas.)

2.) Exchanging a note the day of!

This could be something you guys hang up in your houses for the rest of your lives! Just explaining how you feel in a moment and remembering what you were thinking can just add a certain element to your day!

3.) Exchange smells!

Hear me out smells are tied to memories! If your partner picks out a certain smell for you to wear and you only wear that smell on certain special occasions, you will automatically connect that smell with good memories! This small gesture can add so much to your relationship and your wedding day!!! (ps you guys have to find this scent for each-other and you cant know until your wedding day)

-All the love

Hailey High

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