You’re Engaged! Now What?


So you are engaged???!! Well Congratulations (currently popping champagne) you will hear that so many times but seriously congratulations!!! You guys only get a short span of time for calling your loved one “fiance” so savor and cherish these short few months together! As a Pre-wedding present I have gifted you my friends with some tips for what to do next! In my humble experience these steps are crucial!!! SOOO, lets jump into it!!!

1.)  Create a budget (estimate) give or take $1,000

A budget makes your day happen! The average wedding in the US is $33,000. It doesn’t have to be! If you create guide lines for your wedding it sets realistic expectations as well as help you pick vendors that is the best fit!

2.)  After you create a budget you can pick your date!

I say pick a date is second because weddings in the off season can be significantly less whereas a wedding in Oct in prime time wedding season will be significantly more! You will celebrate this day for the rest of your life so take a lot of time picking a date!!

3.) Create a “WEDDING EMAIL”

—this is more of a secret tip for weddings! When you have a special email you will have no lost mail and this can be your joint email for the rest of your lives after all you will be 2 in 1 so it only makes sense to join forces!

4.) Join wedding group chats!!

—This helps with recommendations! They also have tons of repurposed wedding decor or vendor recommendations that along with tons of other things!

5.)  Find your vendors!!!

(venue & photographers are top of your list) venues and photographers go like hot cakes the most important would be the 2 of them! (I offer a recommendation vendor list on my instagram for FREEEEE so go check it out!!!)

Book with me hehe and we help you figure out the rest! I have so many guides and recommendations to help make your day as stress free as possible!!! I also offer assisted planning to help create a timeline and offer advice for all things wedding!

I look forward to meeting you!

all the love

Hailey High


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